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the begining...

In 2007 Troy and Tania Meyers started doing catering out of their home when the restaurant Troy worked at closed.  One catering turned into two, then three, then more than their little kitchen could handle.  

In 2009 Troy and Tania found a location right down the street from where they lived to do their catering out of.  A small restaurant that came with all the equipment they needed.  They signed the lease and decided to open to the public that spring, Troy's Cafe was born.  

Years later as the Cafe and Catering grew Troy and Tania decided to open a second location in Downtown Mason.  

Today Troy's Cafe is a place neighborhoods can call their own.  Striving each day to keep the standards high not only in the food and service but in the communities they service.  Come try one of our locations and see what everyone is talking about.